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We help young people turn their knowledge into profit and also make money from their digital skills, leveraging the internet space.

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If you do have an existing digital skill (a creative professional) but you are not making money from it, this is the only course you need. Click below to learn how others are doing it.

All hope is not lost

If you do not have any digital skill but you are willign to learn in order to build a profitable business around it and make money for yourself, click below to get started.

Knowledge monetization

If you have enough resource (an expert) (knowledge) in you to make money with but you don’t know where to start; this is what you need to get started.

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In today’s digital era, knowledge is not only power but also potential profit. Learning how to monetize your knowledge and digital skills can open up a world of opportunities and pave the way for financial success. At Joad Supreme Creations, we are passionate about helping young individuals harness their expertise and turn it into a lucrative source of income

Don’t let your knowledge and digital skills go to waste, unlock the incredible benefits of monetizing your expertise. With our guidance and support, you can transform your passion into profit, achieve financial independence, and prosperous future. Get started on your journey to success.


To earn, you must first learn, and with our platform, we have provided all the needed materials for your seamless learning. Comprehensive enough to prepare you for your unique online business purpose, all you need to do is to pick your most suitable category.

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The internet has provided a leverage for us all to make money with our skills. Implement diligently all you have learnt from the course of your chosen category and start to make money for yourself too.

What our students are saying:


“Yeah. I read your book and I saw one thing there about making proposal and started reaching out to people I saw that their graphics contents wasn’t so wondrful which I can help and propsosed. I did the work for them and they really liked my work and paid me.” – Gaza



“I got some works recently more than before.” – Gaza


“The class has been so good so far. I am acquiring raw value which you take your time to process into understand offers, I am not regretting that I took this class but I wish I had taken it years back.” – Aishat