Our Story

Joad Supreme Creations is a new educational technology platform dedicated to teach young people how to turn their knowledge into profit and also make money from their digital skills, leveraging the internet space.

The Internet has woven itself into the fabric of our daily lives as people, knowing fully well that the internet is here to stay for as long as we can see. Been aware of this rapid growth, dynamics and potential, it is so easy to turn the table and use it to perpetuate evil. You will agreee with us that there are some individuals, manipulating other innocent people, decieving them and taking their hard earned money all because they are trying thier best to learn how they too can start to make monney on the online space.

We realize this and this is why we have dedicate ourselves to preach, teach and show as many people as possible the positive possibilities on the online space. How any young person can leverage on it, turn their knowledge, expertise into profit and build a long lasting business to take care of themselves, family and loved ones.

How it works


We are a team of industry experts and have decided to impact our generation through our skills


There are handful of categories that we operate in, search for the category that best suit your immediate condition and kick start your journey



We have mapped out unfailing strategies to reach our potential students in their present levels


With our powerful and transformational online courses, masterminds and workbooks programs, your success story is assured and your testimony is next.


You will be limitless when you chase your dreams…