List your Digital Product on our Product Market place

Here are what you need to fully become a verified Vendor on our platform

 (i) Your Name

(ii) Your email address

(iii) The Name of your product

(iv) Your Product sales page link

Here is why we need it: This helps to sell your product quickly and we can’t list a product without sales page. Kindly hire the service of a competent Copywriter to help you with your sales page.

(v) The Product delivery process. We would need access link to your product.

Here is why we need it: We need to make sure that the process is simple and easy enough for customers and also to verify the quality of  your product (compulsory).

(vi) Product price

(vii) The Commission offers

We need to know the percentage you intend to pay affiliates for each unit sold.

Please note that affiliates go for products that they most prefer. So, the higher the percentage, the higher the number of sales and affiliates the product would get.

(viii) Your customer support:

Where buyers of your product can easily reach your support system to help them if they have any issue purchasing or using your product.

(ix) Promotional materials.

Kindly be aware that the approval process typically takes 3-5 working days following the submission of your products. This timeframe is necessary as we conduct thorough verification and quality checks to assess whether your products meet our established standards.


Feel free to showcase new products as often as you wish. However, please be aware that the 3-5 working days designated for quality checks will be applicable to each new product submission.

To ensure the ongoing quality of products featured on our platform, every vendor affiliated with The JSC Affiliate Program Network must meet specific criteria before listing their products on our marketplace.

Please, review and understand The JSC Affiliate Program Network’s vendor terms and conditions.

Once you have thoroughly reviewed the “terms and conditions” and are satisfied with them, you can proceed by sending an email containing your product details to [email protected] for approval.

Upon submitting your product, we will conduct a comprehensive quality check. If your product aligns with our standards, it will be listed on our website within 48 to 96 hours. Approval decisions are typically communicated to vendors through the email provided during the product submission process.

Please be aware that we in charge of receiving payment on your behalf, payment of affiliates as well as product delivery to customers. 

Payment Policy
Kindly note that we automatically collects and splits sales payments amongst you, the affiliates and The JSC APN platform.

We charge 10% of the product cost.

This means that for example, if a product costs ₦100,000, The JSC APN charges ₦10,000 transaction for each sale.

You can withdraw your earnings from The JSC Affiliate Program Network wallet before month end and get credited on your local bank account by the end of the month. 

Got more questions?

Kindly send a mail to [email protected]

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