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Dear Freelancer,

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Payment proofs from Fiverr below (mine)

Are you confused as a Seller on Fiverr or perhaps you want to get started but skeptical because people say you won't receive order?

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Don't take my word for it, here are some conversations between me and my students

Hi there,

Let me quickly give you a brief background of how it all began.

I am JOAD and it was around July, 2017 when I first learn about Fiverr from a brother of mine ( But due to the circumstances of things (I was very broke) and things were really turning bad. I didn’t have the resources neither do I have the money to. To even start with, the Laptop that I will be using for my Freelancing work was not available as the broke-ness was unto another level. It felt like a curse.

All that continued till October, 2018 a week after my birthday; my brother got me a Toshiba Laptop. This really helped me a lot as  I now have the opportunity to keep on developing my skills as a Graphic Designer. Though it affected a bit cos had it been I have a Laptop of my own long before then, I would have started on Fiverr since 2017.

Eventually in January 19th, 2019 I finally created my Fiverr account and I was so happy I did like a lot of people these days that will create account and be happy they did. Just to wait for order and then nothing will come forth.

It later dawned on me after 4 months without order that it goes beyond getting a device nor creating account on Fiverr alone.

I waited for almost 6 months before I received my first order on Fiverr. And eventually when I landed my fist order, I was so, so happy.

Then, I waited for one solid month before I received another order this was almost approaching the end of 2019.  I was like,

“Is this how people use to suffer on this Fiverr of a thing”?

This made me sit back and I went into deep learning and research about Fiverr platform itself. Consulted people that have been on Fiverr way before I did and were successful.

Many months down the line after testing and series of discoveries, I created some other gigs and I tried to narrow down what I do. This had a tremendous impact on my account, gigs and sales.

Now, I’ve received quite number of orders too. And I can finally see what works and what didn’t.

Long story short, In 2021 I got promoted on Fiverr to level one seller.


  • $ Someone who has completed at least 10 orders,
  • $ 60 days without warning,
  • $ Earned above $400,
  • $ Response rate 100%
  • $ Order completion 100%
  • $ On-time delivery 100%

Don’t let all that intimidate you,  It’s very common to people on Fiverr.

I will be showing you how to do that

  • Now, why am I telling you all these?

    I know there are a lot of people might have told you how Fiverr doesn’t work for other people or won’t work for you. Perhaps, you may have that notion too. It is true that there are some people that Fiverr has not been working for them due to a lot of things (errors); and some of it I discussed in the course which I’ll show you and I gave what caused it and the way out so that your narrative won’t be the same thing.

    I can guarantee you that there is a way you can follow that will save you all the headaches if you are willing and if you can take a bold step just like I did in January 19, 2019.

  • Yea, I have achieved some things on Fiverr but I haven’t achieved all as I am still growing on the platform too. So, if that is not too small for you to start with, you don’t have problem.



This is a full Video Course where I walk you through the A-Z of Fiverr (create your account the right way, create high converting Gig, land your paying clients and bag $1000 in 2 months...


  • – A lot of persons have both the skills and desire to get started on Fiverr but very skeptical which is very understandable…

  • – Some have high Income skills without knowing how or where to make millions with it…

  • – This course was created to let you understand the nitty-gritty of Fiverr freelancing and how to turn yourself to a money magnet freelancer on Fiverr as a beginner, even as an existing freelancer.

  • – Also, I noticed earlier this year when I sent out my e-book on Freelancing for FREE to people, a lot of them wanted me to hold them by the hand and show them how to make money as a freelancer. I tried to hold WhatsApp class and teach people how to start making at least $200 even as a starter on Fiverr but that wasn’t the best option as you need something more than just WhatsApp class. Something you can always come back to retake or see as it’s been done practically so that you can implement as you watch.

  • Research has shown that many individuals learn better when they see (practical) rather than ready (theory).

  • If that is you, this course is for you.


  • Start selling your skills on Fiverr and scale up to $1000 in the shortest time possible

  • = You are currently a freelancer but you want to increase your earnings.

    =You are looking for another way to make money online.

  • = You have the skills but don’t know how to make money with it.

  • = You want the freedom to work from home.

Let me show you some of what you will learn and also master in the course if you take the course today.


  •   — $$ How to setup a seller profile for any niche the right way

      — $$ Best way to setup converting and high ranking gigs for any niche on Fiverr

      — $$ How to protect and shield your Fiverr account 

    — $$ How I create Gigs that rank on the first page of search result

     — $$ New ways of creating a well optimised Gigs

      — $$ How to land your first order on Fiverr in 4 weeks or less

      — $$ How to pick the best gigs to create

      — $$ Creating a more secured payment system

      — $$ How to start and scale your freelancing career on Fiverr

      — $$ How to make your buyers totally loyal to you and keep coming back to order from you

    — $$ Ways to start getting consistent orders from legit sources


  • — $$ Step-by-step guide on how to earn a Fiverr badge quickly


— $$ Best ways to position yourself and continuously attract high paying clients
  • — $$ Strategis to revive deranked Gigs


  • — $$ Professional ways to search, study and dissect winning gigs


  • — $$ Ways to discover and use the Fiverr algorithm to your advantage


  •   — $$ How to convert enquiry makers to consistent buyers


  •   — $$ How to build Landing page for free to help your Fiverr business (N, 10, 000)

      — $$ How to make money on Fiverr without having a serious skill (N15, 000)

    — $$ My selling scripts on Fiverr (Priceless)

  • — $$ 3 Basic skills that you can offer and get paid in Dollars on Fiverr (N20,000)

  • — $$ Highly effective Live Support

Does this sound like what you need?

Before I tell you the price of this course, the course is subject to upgrade which is a good thing for you and here is why:

Currently, there are more than 15 videos in the course to help you secure the bag on Fiverr and more videos will be added once there is a new update from Fiverr or me.

Now, here is the sweet part...

If you get in today, you won't have to start paying extra charges each time a new video is added. Because you'll have

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N 5, 000

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  • Disclaimer:

  • All screenshots are mine and of my students and its what you can replicate or even more. However, you accept the risk that the earnings differ by individual. Results vary based on capacity, business experience, expertise, and level of desire.

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