It is no longer news that millions are been pulled leveraging on WhatsApp alone

With the invention of the WhatsApp application that enables you to interact with your contacts personally, so many people have turned it from a normal social media platform to a money-making tool. It is often said that your network determines your Networth most times, imagine taking advantage of every contact you have on WhatsApp and turning them into money, that’s leverage. Translating your one thousand contacts into a thousand dollars and even more, that’s leverage. Since the WhatsApp takeover by Facebook in 2014, WhatsApp has seen a tremendous increase in annual income. The Application can be a fantastic tool for users to make money via different options.


Let me take you through a brief read on the history of WhatsApp and now it has evolved into a money-making tool. WhatsApp was founded in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum, WhatsApp started as a free messaging platform. In 2014, Facebook paid a whopping $19 billion to become a part of the messaging platform. WhatsApp has since developed into one of the most used messaging platforms in the World. The application currently has over two billion users across the World as of 2021 when this survey was taken. The revenue generated from WhatsApp has also increased since Facebook became a part of the platform. Also, a few more monetization features have been added to the App. WhatsApp business accounts are one of the developments that have leaped their revenue in recent years.


WhatsApp has put efforts and has channeled its energy into monetization in the last few years. These strategies have yielded good performances, as WhatsApp revenues have increased drastically. Nowadays, so many users have used the App for different marketing and promotional ideas. Considering how to make money from WhatsApp.

Ways you can Make Money from WhatsApp

  • Cross Promotion: This simply involves getting traffic from your WhatsApp contacts and channeling it to other social media platforms you can earn money from like YouTube, blog posts e.t.c

  • Affiliate Marketing: This involves promoting and selling products for a company to get a commission

  • Selling your products: You can make sales by simply putting images of your products on WhatsApp status every day. You can also sell your products, skills, and services by having a strong online presence and having marketers advertise your products.

  • WhatsApp Influencing: You can create a strong online presence, post content, and leverage on you have so many contacts that get to view your status. People get to pay you for advertising their products.

  • Pay per downloads: Some websites get to pay you if people download content you upload on their site.

  • Short links: People get paid by sharing these short links to their WhatsApp contacts. You get paid if you share the links and a contact clicks on them.


The options to leverage WhatsApp and make money are limitless as many ways are still yet to unfold. However, the proven methods I have just highlighted are excellent sources of making money from WhatsApp. Currently, WhatsApp is looking to put in place potential monetization strategies that generate a lot of revenue. There are suggestions about displaying ads on WhatsApp status in the future. It will be a massive leap for WhatsApp after working without advertisements for over a decade since its start. You should start now and leverage every of your contact on WhatsApp to earn money.

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