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After losing all his life savings to a failed business in 2019, this internet marketer went on to make over 150M Naira in 48 months and has decided to show you:

How He And His Students Have Been

Dominating The Nigerian Internet Marketing Space Making

N400,000, N500,000, A Million Naira, And More Monthly Using AMAP.

Also Buried Inside This Letter Is How You Can Start Using This Formula No Matter What Stage You’re At Right Now.

I couldn’t believe my ears when I got the call from my accountant.

I knew I was supposed to be a man but I couldn’t help but cry.


A business I started with my school fees and my life saving went bankrupt?

It can’t be especially when you consider that I had to do menial jobs before I got my life savings.

No rich parents or even rich aunty or uncle.

My parents struggled before giving me this school fee.

And now what?

The Only Startup I Had My Mind And Soul On Just Declared Bankruptcy Due To Losses.

I cried so much and I didn’t know what to do.

I thought I was never going to amount to anything because even before this business failed,

I heard a lot of my friends talk about earning money online.

I heard them say they only have to post on Facebook and just earn money monthly.

They were making N20,000, N50,000, and even more monthly then.

And to make sure I was not left out,

I joined NNU with the N2000 Naira investment that’s required to join.

I started commenting and even posting my NNU links everywhere.

And after the first month, I got paid N15,000

I couldn’t believe my eyes because to me then, the N15,000 was like 1 Million Naira.

I started telling more and more people about this NNU and how they can register.

People registered but when it was time to take my earnings for the second month.

Alas, it crashed.

That was the first time I heard about the Ponzi scheme.

I was so pained and I was so skeptical about online marketing.

Infact, If You Talk About Online Business Beside Me, I Can Stop Being Your Friend Because Of The Ponzi Experience I Had.

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