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Dear Friend,

What if I told you that at the time of this writing, one dollar equals N810.

This means that the living costs and consumption prices will continue to rise.

Take for instance you earn N50,000 monthly as a salary earner, it’ll take you 12 months of savings to have made N600,000(that’s if you won’t be taking out a kobo from your salary which we both know it’s not possible).

Did you even imagine if that your 12 months savings is being exchanged to dollar, it would give you about $700 for a whole year.

This is a bullet shot to remind you that you need to start earning in foreign currencies.

And the only way for you to get on the right side of this inflation is by creating a system that pays you in Dollars or Euros.

Here are some testimonies from some of my students who are now earning in dollars

Introducing Amazon KDP

No doubt, there are many ways to work and earn in dollars, but right now, I can bet that Amazon KDP is currently the easiest, most genuine and most convenient way to make money in Dollars because you simply have to publish a book.

This is the same business model that has been helping me earn a minimum of $500 monthly.

I know this is of interest to you, but hold on, let’s continue.

Alright, as I was saying, this business model is called Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

I call it the lazy man’s way to make money because it doesn’t actually require much expertise and it allows you to work from anywhere. No matter where you are.

This business model is simple. You get paid in dollars for publishing documents of little pages on Amazon.

This is a complete no-brainer, because you can publish short books on Amazon right now and start making sales in the next few days. Yes, without having any writing experience at all.

So, I wouldn’t want you to be shocked that just a small number of Nigerians are aware of this new business model, which is why I’m bringing it to you.

A big congratulations to you.


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