Data Analysis Using SQL


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Some years ago, I happened to visit a company who is into ecommerce business. This company deals with electronic gadgets (I mean sales of electronic gadgets). I got to know that this same company have a website where customers places order(s) online and get these products delivered to them at their homes.

But here was the challenge these guys were facing.

They were not able to directly communicate with the database to get customers information which you know will be used for data and business analysis.

To cut the long story short, I met with the company’s business analyst, after I engaged her in a brief discussion, I got to know that she was only familiar with the use of Microsoft Excel.

MS Excel is a good tool, “I said this to myself”…

But when it comes to interacting with databases, it is no good tool for it.

I just knew that this was time for me to properly introduce myself.

I decided to offer them help using my SQL knowledge.

I was given access to the computer, then I immediately accessed the company’s Web Hosting platform, located the exact database for the ecommerce platform, wrote some queries which pulled out the data of customers to the local disk.

What next?

I downloaded a familiar SQL Relational Management System, and began writing queries to analyse the company’s data.

At the end of the day, I exported it to the business analyst for further analysis and visualization.

She was like…. “Wow”

How did you do that?

I decided to teach her the SQL skill she needed to communicate with databases and get such task done easily.

The same training I gave her is what I will be giving out to you in this training…

..and I am doing that at ALMOST NO COST.

I could send you all the testimonials I have got so far, but you may not be able to go through all of them… so I decided to share with you the few.

Take a look at this…

A lady called me from Toronto, Canada. She has been applying for jobs for the position of a Data Analyst for quite some time after she moved in to the state. After about 15 minute talk with her, I got to know that she was already taking my course on SQL. She concluded by thanking me for such a DISCOUNTED OFFER .

Look at what one my students who got the course all the way from UK is saying.

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