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From Earning an ordinary 20k salary to Generating over $50,000 (40 million naira) in 18 months…

How is that even possible?

How did she go from earning 20k as a stressed secondary school Teacher to making 40 million naira in just 18 months? 

Well, if you’re up for it…

This 8-Figure Internet Marketer has decided to show you the powerful system that changed her life…


Every day, more and more Africans are discovering this same life changing secret and are using it to bank 6, 7 or even 8 figures EVERY SINGLE WEEK

This craziest thing is that this System is designed to help you get Started RIGHT NOW


  • You have zero skills.

  • Nobody knows you on the internet

  • You have never done any online business before

  • You have zero skills.

  • You have a skill but you’re struggling to make good money with it.

  • You’ve failed at online business before

  • Nobody knows you on the internet

Wondering why I am sharing my system with you?

Here’s the Gist…

After graduating with a first-class degree from the university, I was so excited. I was so sure that I would get a white-collar job and be able to live the life of my dreams.

But sadly, Nigeria happened to me.

After my NYSC,  I struggled to find a job. I was submitting CVs and attending different interviews online and offline.

I had no source of income and so I was basically depending on my parents and the people around me for every little thing. I was even squatting in Lagos with a relative. It was frustrating.

After so many submissions and attempts, I finally got a breakthrough.

I got a big opportunity online that could practically change my life. I was so excited… In a few days, It would have been concluded… BUT something happened!

This was the major incident that broke me in 2021.

I went through a robbery incident. I ran into the hands of armed robbers who not only left me without any money but also injured me with a machete.  I narrowly escaped death.

They took the small cash I had with me, ATM cards and even worse, they took my phone…

My surviving that robbery incident was a miracle and honestly, I was grateful to be alive. But I lost my phone and as a result, I missed that big opportunity!

With no phone, no job and no money, I was almost falling into depression…

 I remember sitting on my bed one afternoon with tears running down my eyes, while I wondered how things would sort themselves out.

After many weeks of staying down, I encouraged myself, and resumed my job search. After many futile searches, I accepted a teaching job that offered to pay me N20k monthly as a salary.

Picture of me as a teacher

The job offer was for N20k monthly!

It was far better than nothing but it was barely enough to sustain me.

Transportation and feeding alone already swallowed up the money… Not to mention that I was a lady and would also need to buy things for my personal care.

The people supporting me financially stopped because according to them “I have a job now”.

  • I needed a better place to stay

  • I needed to get a better phone

  • I needed to make more money for myself

  • I also needed to take care of my siblings

  • I needed something more but I had no idea how to get it..

This was the period I stumbled upon a social media post by a friend of mine.

The post was about this online business model that hundreds of people around Africa were using to make millions monthly….

This was the FIRST time in my life to hear about this ONLINE BUSINESS MODEL…

Honestly, I WAS SCARED.

The last time I tried doing something online, I did not make any money from it… So how was I sure that this one will work out?

The current phone I was using was given to me by a friend and it was even bad.

I was teaching in a school which was very stressful especially with Lagos stress added.

I barely had enough time for myself.

You see, I had a lot of fears but at the same time, I was fed up with my financial condition and wanted a change.

As a secondary school teacher earning just 20k salary, I knew this was an opportunity that  I couldn’t allow to pass me by.

So I did my research and then I discovered that this unique opportunity was well-established. Many people like me were already making crazy figures from this.

I also realized that with this business model,

  • You only need access to a smartphone

  • You don’t need any capital upfront

  • You only need to be able to dedicate at least 30 mins every day

  • You don’t need to know about selling

  • You can make as much as you want to make

Even after my research and confirming that this was the right choice, I was still scared.

I started thinking, “What if this does not work out for me?”

I had many questions…

But on the other hand, I still had to consider, What if it actually works out for me?”

So, I decided not to allow my fears to stop me from taking action

And  took the risk and registered, even with my uncertainties.

Little did I know, this move would change my life forever…

Here is one of the alerts I got…

Less than one month later, I bought my dream phone

But that was not even the turning point for me…

ONE DAY, There I was, on a fateful morning, moving from one row another, invigilating a class exam as a secondary school teacher when this alert came

830k in a week!

When the money got into my account, I was in shock, I could not sleep…

It would have taken me 3 years to make this kind of amount with my 20k salary as a teacher yet I made that amount in just 1 week.

This was the extra push I needed

It was the biggest proof that this powerful system actually works…

And that was when I decided to take this business system even more seriously…

Here’s the simple answer….

Because I have tested it and It worked for me

Hi there,

My name is Miracle Patricks. I am a top female internet marketer.

In the last few months, I have been able to generate over N40 million naira using the simple but unique system that I am about to expose to you.

You see, using  this Profitable Income Blueprint…

  • I have done crazy figures as pure profit. This is one of the alerts I got N1.4m ($2,000+) in a single week

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