Facebook Ads for Smartphones by Jhoyxee Katharos


Here’s a more breakdown of what you’re getting in the FAFs blueprint



Meet The Course Creator.

Hi, my name is Onaemo Joy (best known as Jhoyxee Katharos).

I’m an online business coach and a sales expert.

I used to work a 9-5 job as a nutritional stockist secretary, earning N9,000 salary per month as of 2021. (yeah, you can imagine how broke I was).

As low as my salary was, I tried to save up some money, borrowed also, to start up mini importation and information marketing business. ( as I was tired of being broke, managing a salary that isn’t enough for my feeding alone not to talk of other needs).

But then, I wasn’t getting any sales from my business (it was really frustrating). Until, I discovered this same blueprint that took me from zero to making multiple figures in my business.

I closed this sales record of over N1.7 million naira and made over N860k in profit using the FAFs blueprint.

What you’re getting in the FAFs blueprint

The main thing is that;

  • You will learn how to sell online the right way
  • You will learn how to generate high traffic to your business with your phone and get new quality customers/leads daily that will buy from you using my proven secret strategy

Just like this my student who made $15 from a new lead she got same day.

  • You will learn how to grow your WhatsApp views and contacts with people that are ready to buy your products/services
  • You will learn how to run profitable Facebook Ads Like A Pro!

The FAFs blueprint is literally taking you from the level you are right now to an expert in the game!

Here’s a more breakdown of what you’re getting in the FAFs blueprint

  1. You’re going to be exposed to the first secret you need to know to run a profitable Facebook ad
  2. You will learn how to craft copies that will attract high traffic and sales to your business/or clients’
  3. You will learn how to create a Facebook Business Page on Mobile using a simple format
  4. You will be learning how to create a Business Manager Account with your phone the right way
  5. You will learn how to quickly create a Dollar and Naira Ad Account for your ads the easy way
  6. You will be learning how to add payment to your Ad Account using the right technique
  7. You will learn how to run profitable Ads without owning/using a website
  8. You will also learn how to run profitable Ads with a website using your phone by applying my secret formula!

This includes;

  • Adding and verifying your domain properly
  • Installing pixel
  • Connecting your landing page
  • Tracking your events, setting up Conversation API and Aggregated Event Measurement.

All with your phone!

You’ll also get to learn the simple way to run Instagram Ads! (even without owning an Instagram account)

  1. You will be learning how to edit your Ad without losing the engagements you already have on your Ad
  • You get to also know how to duplicate an Ad
  • Also, how to delete and pause your Ad.
  1. You will be learning about my hot Facebook targeting hacks that keep printing money for me in my business
  2. You will learn how to Retarget people who have already bought from you before or those who have visited your website and resell to them, using your phone.
  3. You will learn how to create your custom and lookalike audience.
  4. You will learn how to do zero targeting for your ads.

Hacking Facebook Optimization System for High performing Ads

  1. You’d get Strategies and Hacks on disabled ad accounts, account Restrictions/Ban Issues and how to resolve them.

If you are having issues with your ad account right now, you will be learning how to get your account back using my strategy just like Happiness who got back her ad account.

15. You will learn how to set up different campaign types from my step by step live Walkthrough guide on all the Facebook Ad campaign objectives and close different kinds of sales.

16. Access to the FAFs active community where you get to ask questions, meet experts and others like you, who got the FAFs blueprint too. And in there I’d hold you by the hand and walk you through every step of the way. Yes, there’s no you doing this alone

That’s not all! You’re getting access to special bonuses too


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