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Escape the Limits of Naira: Learn How to Earn in Dollars by Publishing on Kobo

The  video below explains how to earn in dollars publishing books on Kobo Writing Life”

Dear Soon to be Kobo Millionaire,

Did you know that at the time of this writing, one dollar is equal to N720?

This means that living costs and consumption prices are likely to continue rising, putting financial pressure on individuals who earn salaries in Naira.

Consider someone who earns a monthly salary of N50,000. Even if they save every penny of their salary, it will take them a full year to save up to N600,000.

However, if they were to exchange this amount to dollars, they would only have about $800 for an entire year.

To combat inflation and the devaluation, it’s important to start earning in foreign currencies. While there are many ways to do this, Kobo Writing Life stands out as one of the easiest and most genuine methods. By simply publishing a book on the platform, you can earn money in dollars or euros.

This business model doesn’t require much expertise and can be done from anywhere, making it an ideal option for those seeking additional income. With Kobo Writing Life, you can earn money without any prior writing experience.

Unfortunately, only a small number of Nigerians are aware of this opportunity. That’s why I am bringing it to your attention.

Congratulations on discovering this potential source of income.

Here are some testimonies from some of my students who are now earning in dollars

A student got his payment

Favour Did $23 in less than 3 days


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