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In 2018, I made at least $600 monthly from WhatsApp.


By charging $3 from each participant to teach what I know. I called the group IKIGAI. Every month, members paid $3 each for all the Saturdays in bulk. If there were 4 Saturdays, you’d pay $12 for the entire month. If there were 5 Saturdays, each person paid $15 for the entire month.

Each month had at least 50 people. Some months had up to 200 people in it, depending on the topic. So, from May to November of that year, I was making that monthly from WhatsApp by teaching what I know how best to do.

It was strategic, procedural and methodical.

Ever since, WhatsApp has become a very powerful tool to make money for my personal brand and business.

According to TechCrunch, WhatsApp status views reach up to 450 million viewers daily.

As it stands, WhatsApp has the highest penetration rate in Nigeria, according to Statista. More than 450 million views of status are recorded daily. Here in Nigeria, I always say that when Nigerians wake up, the first they do is to check social media – Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp – even before they read their Holy Books. Globally, people use their WhatsApp daily more than all the other platforms. It’s a veritable platform to utilize to make money.

Sadly, many business people and brand overlook this simple tool.

Monthly, I make N480,000.


By doing brand ads on my WhatsApp status. By that I mean advertising people’s businesses for a fee. I charge N10,000 per ad and I do 2 ads per day. That’s N20,000 per day and N120,000 for 6 days. A month is N480,000.

I want to show you how you can also earn – whether a personal brand or a business.

In 4 modules, you’ll learn…

Module 1 – Why WhatsApp & Fundamentals. In this module you’ll understand why WhatsApp is the most amazing tool now to reach thousands of people without algorithm issues.

Module 2 – Creating A Powerful Lead Magnet To Grow WhatsApp Contacts. In this module, you’ll learn how to create attraction resources that can grow your WhatsApp contacts.

Module 3 – Using Broadcasts & WhatsApp TV/Status To Make Money. In this module, you’ll learn how to use broadcasts and status effectively to be able to make money.

Module 4 : Creating & Running A Facebook Ad That Grows Your Email List, YouTube Channel & Makes You Money. In this module you’ll learn how to automate effectively so as to grow your contacts and also make money.

It’s absolutely possible to make N3M on WhatsApp in a month. If ONLY you know the strategy to utilize.

See YOU!

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