Wonder why I would say such a ridiculous thing right?

You know what, the truth be told a lot of People are Suffering in Silence when we mention the topic Selling on WhatsApp..

Many love the idea because of how it sounds and how easy the idea is but they have been unable to make a measly bucks from their WhatsApp since they have been trying to.

And this is why?

 ^ Did you know that without your Right Audience seeing what You sell on WhatsApp, 

You are just wasting your Energy?

^ And did You also know that If You do not have A Powerful Strategy to Sell your Offers on

 WhatsApp, You may later become frustrated as a WhatsApp Marketer?


Can I share a short scenario with you?

Up until now, if I tell some people that initially didn’t know how to make money on WhatsApp that their money is hidden on WhatsApp,

and  that’s the reason for them not Making Money on WhatsApp, they like to argue it.

But as soon as I start to point out the reasons and solution to them, their eyes will automatically get opened to the GOLDMINE (WhatsApp).

I always notice that there is usually a change and shift in mindset and also in pocket after they have successfully implemented. Just as I am about to tell you too in just a second..

End of scenario…

The bitter truth is if you are not Making Money on WhatsApp yet in 2024, Your money is Automatically part of others’ Money that is Hanging on WhatsApp.


And in order to Claim and Collect Your Own Money (share) Consistently which is hanging, there are certain things to be done.

Carefully read on as you’ve never seen it in this dimension ever before

To Make Money on WhatsApp, You need to have a Product or Service to Sell.

I guess you must have heard that before

Regardless the lie anyone might have told You about WhatsApp or the wrong idea You have towards it 

in the past,

You Need To Give Something in Order to Receive Money. Product or Service, Yours or Others`.

Now, what if I told You that without Positioning Yourself in front of People that need and Want to Buy 

your Product, You will not make a Single Sale?

That is the story of so many People trying to sell their Products, Service, Trainings and so on,

On WhatsApp and then it seems not working for Them.

It will definitely work if You can follow the Right Strategies.

That is why you need YOUR AUDIENCE”….

You need to Consistently Lead Interested People to that thing You Sell on WhatsApp if not 

You won’t Make enough Sale.

And in order to lead interested People, there are what I call the SNAIL METHODS and the JET METHODS

I assume I’m talking to a JET age guru


Let me show you few examples. It’s A NEW METHOD.

Drive Qualified Traffic to Your OFFER on WhatsApp with This Method and SELL-OUT

The More People see what You Sell on WhatsApp, the More Money You will Make.

Don’t you want that too?

Let me tell you another Secret You need in order to Make Money on WhatsApp and make a lot of it.

In order for You to be able to become a Millionaire in life, You need to Constantly Solve People’s Problems.

A Pressing One at that and Solve it for a lot of People (Especially The Rich Ones).

“If You can give yourself over unto problem solving for People in this life, You’ll inevitably become a multimillionaire before you could pronounce JOAD”.

Lastly, When it comes to Selling, only the ones with the ‘Know How’ Skill will remain while others will fade away.

You have Created your Product/Service but You are not Making Sales right?

It is very obvious You are still doing so many things wrongly and who knows, Selling maybe Your Major Challenge.

Would you Permit Someone Who has been there to help you out or you would prefer that level?

There are lot of things that I would love to share with You in order for You to be able to level up on WhatsApp.

Now to the sweet Bottom Part,

I have decided to help You and just Few others

This Month and the Next on


How You Can:


* Create Digital Products of your Own and Sell it to your Audience on WhatsApp,


* Increase Your Contact List and Status Viewers to 1000 and above in Less than 6 Weeks even if You are Lazy about it.


* How You can as well Sell effortlessly using my 4 methods of Selling on WhatsApp and start to cash out week-in-week-out.




More than 25 Different Lessons Currently and 15 Videos to Help You Master WhatsApp Marketing Fully

The One And Only Best Online Course that shows You Secrets and Hacks to Increase your Contact List,

Increase your number of Status ViewersGenerate Quality Leads and

Sell Confidently on WhatsApp Repeatedly.

Practical that you will Apply and Start to See Results in  4 Weeks or Less.

You might have taken a so called ‘WhatsApp Masterclass‘ that promised you heaven and earth in the past and you later did not see any measurable result after taking the class. I truly understand I have taken a couple of those in the past too.

One of these 2 Reasons or Both could have caused you not to see Result

1. The value of the class was not up to the promise.


2. You lack implementation.

If the cause of Your ‘NO RESULT’ was the first point, You are Covered in WMS. Why?

Those with results and still counting very fast can’t be wrong.

The Course was created to Open Your eyes, Make Your Life Better, Sell and Make Money on WhatsApp for Yourself in this our economy.

But if your case is Number 2: Sorry, WMS is not for You.

If You would like to make money without putting in any efforts as a Starter,

try Ponzi scheme. But I promise you, you won’t like the out come of that (I don’t Recommend that).

….“Say No To Ponzi Schemes”... Why go for it when you have a Course with Proven Results.

The thing is that those that Implemented and got results are human being like you remember?

The  more you do it, the more you get better at it. Little effort and great results.

Who doesn’t want that?



What would you Learn in WMS and WHO was the Course Created for in the first place?

First of all, let me say that if you are okay with the Amount that you make on WhatsApp Daily or Weekly,

Then this Course is really not for You. Sorry for wasting your time up to this point.


Since you are still here, it only tells me one thing ‘THAT YOU ARE NOT YET OKAY’ with what You are Making on WhatsApp  Presently


You want to Learn How to Make Money with Your WhatsApp Too.

If you belong to any of these 2 mentioned above, Then The Course Definitely is for You.


Already asking what you are going to be benefiting if you take the course today?

Relax, I know you would ask.


Here are few of what you'll benefit if you Enroll in the Course today!

      1. 2 steps to take when your WhatsApp is ban. They will unban it in less than 24 Hours.


        • You will Increase your Contact List to any number of your choice as long as it won’t cause your phone to hang.
        • Secrets to Increasing the number of Viewers you get on your Status Per Day: Strategic ways to BOOST you Status Viewers.


        • Ways to Scale your Status Viewers from 0-1000 viewers in weeks
        • How to Create the Almighty WhatsApp Sales Funnel


        • Most effective ways to consistently Generate Leads to what you Sell on WhatsApp
        • How to effectively sell your products/services on WhatsApp that guarantees result. You’ll learn my methods.


        • How to make people connect with you on WhatsApp Easily.
        • How to Create and Maximize Customized Converting WhatsApp Link
        • The Best ways to Position Yourself as an Authority and Make Massive Sales on WhatsApp.


        • Ways to Generate Content for Your Audience Daily: This has become a challenge for so many people that have Large
        • Audience. They don’t know how to keep on showing up and it’s making them lose SALES.


        • Without breaking a sweat, Save over 500 Contacts at once without saving them manually.


        • How you can send a Bulk Message to over 1000 Contacts at once from your Phone with just a click.


        • Sure ways to generate Quality and Qualified Leads Consistently: One of the most important topics in the Course that I took more than enough time to explain step by step.


        • Automate Replies on your WhatsApp and keep getting Credit Alert. You don’t need to stress yourself anymore.
        • Secret ways to rack in Consistent sales on WhatsApp


        • How to Automate your Selling Processes On WhatsApp
        • How to Print yourself in people’s mind on WhatsApp: This has been one of my Secret Strategies that I use to Generate Sales on WhatsApp, but I am wiling to show You in the course. Lots of WhatsApp Marketers Don’t know this.


        • How to make your WhatsApp audience Buy at anytime you want to Sell Anything to Them: You’ll learn ways to Build a Ready to Buy Audience.


        • Turn a total stranger into a loyal buyer on WhatsApp with the few steps I will show you.
        • How to build influential brand on WhatsApp.


        • Mistakes you should Avoid when Selling on WhatsApp


      • 4 Places Your Money is Hidden on WhatsApp. (If You don’t know this, You should Probably not be using WhatsApp
      • and more…



You have plenty Bonus Waiting for you in the Course if You Enroll Now

  • How to Create and Build WhatsApp E-commerce Website from Scratch without Coding + How You can Make Money with it Weekly, worth $150.(If You can Master this alone, You will Change Your Financial Situation in Less than a Month for life)
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    • Strategies to launch your Newly Completed ebook on WhatsApp – ( Video Course Worth $60. (Pay Attention to Lesson 3 Module 1 for this)
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    • Life time Access to Your Course Dashboard Forever Meaning, Subsequent Lessons And Video Tutorials I will be addingYou’ll have Access to them all without paying extra; together with those that will Pay higher amount to get in later.
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  • Here
        • How to Generate Your Personalized DM link
          • Best Way to Secure Your WhatsApp from HACKERS in 2024
          • How to post videos longer than 30 seconds on your status without stress
          • Why you need to leverage on WhatsApp in 2024.
          • Best Way to Secure Your Instagram From Hackers in 2024


        • JOAD will like to see you grow and Start to Make Money too…

NOTE: If you are not okay with what you’ve read so far, you can close the page OR read on and become a fully verified WhatsApp Marketer. 


You will truly be shocked to know the amount this course is pegged at:


The Total Value of This Course is Worth more than N100, 000
If you also check it critically.

Meanwhille, I won’t be charging you that today.

    • For this Course, you won’t be paying 50, 000
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    • Guess what, 

With N20,000 only, You’ll have Access to this Course Today

Yea, I am serious. But wait…

I said I have a Special Offer for You not too long ago right?

This is it

with N5,000 only

I will give You Access to the Course instantly. Yes, instantly.

If after going through this Course, You Apply all that I will Instruct you to do ruthlessly and after 30 days you still don’t see any Tangible Result.


You have not Started:

  • Making Money steadily for yourself,
  • You still don’t know how to Generate Quality Leads that will buy what you are selling,
  • Increasing the number of your Status Viewers
  • Saving more than 500 Contacts at once
  • Sending Bulk Message to 1000 Contacts with a Click
  • Secrets to Rack in Sales on WhatsApp
  • Ways to Make People Buy into Your Offer
  • All what I have listed in the benefits and all…

Kindly head straight to my DM (Direct Message) on WhatsApp and let me know.

I will offer You my sincere apologies for wasting your time and also give you a Full Refund My Best Selling Ebook as a Good Bye Gift.


Disclaimer: This course was created and designed to help you master WhatsApp Marketing and not a ponzi scheme program. However, if you buy and you fail to apply what you’ve learnt therein, I do not guarantee your monetary gain..
Copyright l JOAD SUPREME CREATIONS l 2024.